Prakruthi Welfare Foundation


“Prakruthi Welfare Foundation” established in the year 1999 also shortly called as PWF, is a registered NGO initiated by Smt. Premalatha (a social worker) and likeminded people. PWF is also registered under “National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development” (NIPCCD), New Delhi under the Ministry of Women and Child Development.

It is an NGO silently working towards the holistic wellbeing of children, women and society as a whole by crossing the important spheres of human life i.e. Health: Both Mental & Physical, Education: Particularly to reach out people who are economically, socially, emotionally & intellectually challenged, and to enable them to pass through the challenges of life and be productive to oneself and to the society to have a holistic world.

PWF is looking at social welfare in its unique way by planting the seeds of liberty in its all forms i.e. ’Personal’, ‘Economical’, ‘Social’, ‘Psychological’ and ‘Intellectual’ to its challenged, which is the Utilitarian requirement of the present state of the society by subjecting the challenged and needy to realize the importance of independence and prosperity in its classic context. In this context, PWF is determined to strive with conviction to play the role of an NGO effectively in the upliftment of the people and society contributing to social welfare of the country.


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